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A Safe, Versatile Potassium Fertilizer for any Cropping System

Product Benefits

Provides sustained potassium nutrients at key reproductive stages

Stimulates growth of fruit, seeds, and tubers


Chloride and hydroxide-free to reduce salt toxicity


Reduces nutrient toxicity by using lower concentrations


Flexible application reduces manpower required

Composition Guarantee Analysis

Total Nitrogen


Phosphate (P2O5)


Soluble Potash (K2O)


Approximate Yield

General Application Rate: 1-2 gallons per acre

Approximately Cost: $11 per gallon

Expected Yield Increase: 5-7 bushels per acre

About Sure-K

For farmers, excellent plant growth and long-term soil health are on the top of the list. If you are using Sure-K, neither needs to be compromised. 

Potassium in plants is vital to photosynthesis protein formation, breakdown of carbohydrates, maintenance of ionic balance and turgor, and resistance to disease. The unique formula of Sure-K is a high-efficiency soluble potash, allowing for increased utilization giving plants the potassium they require to thrive during key growing stages. While applying a lower rate per acre, Sure-K provides the same or better results than standard potassium fertilizers. And to really separate from its competition, Sure-K does not contain chlorides or hydroxides, so there is no need to worry about damaging your soil health over the long term. 

Drought, disease, and plant stress are all yearly worries. Sure K 2-1-6 has been designed to help crops resist the above-named threats. This design allows for long-lasting nutrition enabling plants to process sugar efficiently, sustaining crops and increasing yields.  

Sure-K has been chelated with the plant-based Nutriq Technology (Previously called Flavonol Polymer Technology; binding the potassium so it remains available in the soil from the time of placement until harvest. This stabilized potassium protects against leaching, lowers the application requirement, and allows for efficient uptake through plant roots and foliage leading to optimal growth.  

Maintaining the correct potassium levels or correcting deficiencies for your crop is made easy with Sure-K an agriculture fertilizer. Applications or corrections can quickly be made with the many different application strategies and it can safely be applied with other nutrients or crop protection products, helping your farm run as efficiently as possible. 

Application Strategies

Planter placement icon
Planter Placement
Sprayer tip icon
Broadcast or banded
over seed zone
Fertigation icon
Foliar treatment icon
Foliar treatment
Combination icon
Combined with pesticides or fungicides
Side dress icon
Topdress or sidedress

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