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Nitrogen for the Entire
Growing Season

Product Benefits

Complete source of nitrogen nutrition

Contains Flavonol Polymer Technology to reduce leaching loss and volatility

Increased yields and product quality


Slow release over time making nitrogen available when your crop needs it


Clean and easy to apply

Composition Guarantee Analysis

Total Nitrogen


Sulfur (s)


About High NRG-N

While planting, would you eat an entire box of donuts? Though the answer may be yes, we all know what it should be. No. Sugars are best consumed spread out. Many plant nutrients are the same. Don’t make the same mistakes with your plants’ nutrition as you may with yours. 


With High NRG-N you gain a controlled release of plant-available nitrogen to your crops. 


Along with nitrogen in the forms of nitrate, ammonium and stabilized urea, High NRG-N contains sulfur and trace amounts of known chlorophyll-building secondary and micronutrients (iron, magnesium, manganese, and zinc).  High NRGN is stabilized with organic compounds which allow the nutrients to be released over the growing season providing ongoing nutrition when your plants need it most. 


High NRG-N includes Flavonol Polymer Technology, which protects from ammonia volatilization and reduces nitrogen loss from leaching. High NRGN has an estimated usability greater than 90%. 


Applied at lower volumes, High NRG-N will produce yields comparable to crops grown with conventional nitrogen sources.  Application is efficient, lowering fuel and labour costs, as High NRGN can be tank mixed with other nutrients and crop protection products. 


Application Strategies

Fertilizer Below Seed.png
Banded below seed
Broadcast after planting
Fertilizer Away from Seed.png
Banded away from seed
Surface banding several inches to the side of seed placement
Drip or Overhead irrigation
Sidedress application to the soil surface or injected

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