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Economical and Responsible Liquid Sulfer Fertilizer

Product Benefits

Corrects or prevents sulfur deficiency, stunted growth, and reduced yields

Increases nitrogen utilization

Improves overall soil and plant health

Easy to apply with other nutrients or crop protection products


Easy to apply at planting or throughout the growing season

Manganese (Mn)


Zinc (Zn)


Composition Guarantee Analysis

Nitrogen (N)


Sulfur (S)


Iron (Fe)


Approximate Yield

General Application Rate: ½ rate of ATS  

Approximately Cost: Slightly lower than ATS 

Expected Yield Increase: Slightly higher than ATS

About accesS

High yielding crops and decreased industrial emissions have increased the need to provide sulfur as a crop nutrient. AgroLiquid’s accesS contains sulfur in the sulfate form and is an excellent sulfur source when 5 or more lbs of sulfur have been recommended.   

Sulfur is a nutrient that is essential for healthy, high yielding crops as it improves nitrogen utilization and enhances plant protein formation. Sulfur deficient plants exhibit slow growth, respond poorly to nitrogen, and often have pale green or yellow leaves with interveinal striping. Since the symptoms of sulfur deficiency can be confused with nitrogen deficiency and the application of other crop nutrients can affect soil sulfur levels, soil sampling is recommended.


Plants uptake sulfur in the form of sulfate ions in the soil or from sulfate ions absorbed from the air. Due to Nutriq Technology (Previously called Flavonol Polymer technology),  accesS retains the plant usable sulfur form in the soil. The sulfur in accesS is formulated to stay in the sulfate form and does not convert into the non-sulfate (unusable) sulfur form. This stability caused it to outperform conventional sulfur products.  One gallon of accesS replaces 5 lbs of conventional sulfur fertilizer.  


AccesS can be applied with or without nitrogen in a 2x2 placement or as a side-dress.   Studies have shown that planting provides better results than later in the season. It should not be applied in-furrow.   

Application Strategies

Planter Placement icon
Planter Placement
Fertigation icon
Side dress icon
Topdress or sidedress
Sprayer tip icon
Broadcast or banded
over seed zone

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