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Economical and Responsible Liquid Micronutrients

Product Benefits

Helps to prevent micronutrient deficiencies, which can stunt growth

Supports protein synthesis and enzyme production

Improves nitrogen fixation

Supports lignin formation


Supports strong cell growth

Manganese (Mn)


Zinc (Zn)


Composition Guarantee Analysis

Total Boron (B)


Copper (Cu)


Iron (Fe)


Approximate Yield

General Application Rate: 0.5 litres per acre

Approximately Cost: Same as 5 gallons 6-24-6 and slightly more than 10-34-00

Expected Yield Increase: 3-5 bushels per acre

About Micro-500

Micro 500 combines five essential micronutrients: zinc, manganese, iron, copper and boron. The term micronutrient indicates a requirement for a “micro” quantity which is very small relative to macro and secondary nutrient requirements. Although the quantity of micronutrients required is low, critical plant activities can be limited if the available micronutrient is deficient. Plant development and growth may be slowed if the required micronutrients are deficient in the soil or not balanced with other essential nutrients.  Micronutrient deficiencies can minimize important plant functions such as chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, which will display as plant abnormalities, reduced growth, lower yields, and inefficient use of expensive, high requirement crop inputs such as nitrogen. 

The micronutrients in Micro 500 are precisely balanced to maximize the benefit of applying a proportional, synergistic combination of micronutrients to meet crop growth requirements. Nutriq Technology (Previously called Flavonol Polymer Technology)

utilizes plant derived chelates to prevent the micronutrients from forming bonds with other elements in the soil, thus maintaining availability to the plants. This technology allows the micronutrients to be released slowly and remains available to plants throughout the growing season. 

Micro 500 can be mixed with AgroLiquid’s macro and secondary nutrients, as well as many other crop nutrition and protection products to minimize trips in the field.  Research has shown that nutrient uptake is increased when applied as Micro 500 due to nutrient synergy rather than applications of an equal volume of individual micronutrients. 

  • Zinc: a component of many enzymes, essential for plant hormone balance and auxin activity, production of chlorophyll 

  • Manganese: Chloroplast production, a cofactor in many plant reactions, activates enzymes, increases the availability of phosphorus and calcium 

  • Iron: Component of enzymes, essential for chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis 

  • Copper: Component of enzymes, involved with photosynthesis 

  • Boron: Important in sugar transport, cell division, amino acid production, strength of cell walls and membrane 

  • Carefully monitor soil tests for boron levels. Too much boron can be toxic to plants and too little can stunt growth.   

  • Soil tests are recommended before using a liquid micronutrient fertilizer containing boron, such as Micro 500.  

Application Strategies

Planter Placement
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Foliar Treatment

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