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About Gro-Max XL

 Gro-Max XL is a high quality humic / silica dioxide granule. Made with Humika, North America's trusted humic acid. Ready to be applied through your planter, air seeder or blended with your dry fertilizer. Gro-Max XL is a hydrophilic product, Humika is released in minutes when in contact with moisture.

Product Benefits

Creates large nutrient holding capacities in rhizophore

Improved nutrient uptake in plants 

Improved drought tolerance of treated crop 

Proven return on investment

Improves nutrient solubility during early growing season

Crop Application

Minimum Application Rate: 3 kg (7 lbs) per acre

Mixing Rate with Dry Fertilizer: 7 lb per 40 lb fertilizer

Application Strategies

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Planter Placement
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