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Adding New Life to your Soil

Product Benefits

Inoculation/reestablishment of beneficial microbes 

Highly availably carbon source for roots 

Highly soluble and drip irrigation compatible 

Multi year use provides better soil tilth in heavier soil types

Crop Application

General Application Rate: 500-1000ml in-furrow with phos starter fertilizers

Approximately Cost: Cost will vary pending on the severity of soil damage but costs of $10-25 are expected

About Plant XL

Plant XL was our flag ship product for the first ten years of our business, even today it is our most comprehensive product. Plant XL is rich in plant-available carbon, fulvic acid and a diverse set of (dormant) microbes. Designed to rejuvenate stressed, pathogenic soils or inorganic media, Plant XL is the go-to product for growers who face unique growing conditions.

Application Strategies

Planter Placement
Broadcast or banded
over seed zone
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Foliar treatment
Combined with pesticides or fungicides
Topdress or sidedress

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