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Complete NPK Liquid Fertilizer to Stimulate Plant Growth

Product Benefits

Stimulates early growth


Provides a steady source of essential nutrients

Reduced risk of leaf burn

Reduced risk of soil salinization and nutrient toxicity


Flexible application methods to reduce manpower required

Can be applied with other nutrients, pesticides, or fungicides

Composition Guarantee Analysis

Total Nitrogen


Phosphate (P2O5)


Potash (K2O)


Iron (Fe)


Approximate Yield

General Application Rate: 2.5 gallons per acre 

Approximately Cost: Same as 5 gallons 6-24-6 and slightly more than 10-34-00 

Expected Yield Increase: 3-5 bushels per acre

About Pro-Germinator

Starter fertilizer maximizes the initial growth stage for your newly planted seeds by providing a nutrient-rich environment for seed germination and early plant development. 


Optimal germination and healthy initial stages, prepares plants to optimally gather and utilize more nutrients during later stages, which will increase crop yields and reduce crop defects. As a complete NPK starter fertilizer, Pro-Germinator, stimulates plant processes and produces faster, earlier growth, maximizing your crops initial development. 


Pro-Germinator is a blend of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and iron, maximizing crop responses during the growing stages. A blend between quick release phosphates and slow-release, carbon-protected polymer phosphates, encouraging stronger and faster growth early on, and continue to thrive during reproductive stages.  To minimize the risk of nutrients being tied up in the soil, Pro-Germinator is protected by Flavonol Polymer Technology allowing for sustained nutrient extraction throughout the early stages of plant growth. 


Some commodity fertilizers risk injury and death of early plants due to fertilizer burn.  Progerminator uses a gentler formula, this 9-24-3 fertilizer protects against leaf burn, and can be used with little risk of seedling injury. 

Due to this low risk of plant damage, Pro-Germinator is a powerful agriculture fertilizer program. It can also be applied via top-dress, side dress, broadcast, foliar or fertigation.  

Application Strategies

Planter Placement
Broadcast or banded
over seed zone
Asset 1.png
Foliar treatment
Combined with pesticides or fungicides
Topdress or sidedress

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