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Beck’s Practical Farm Research provides farmers with the best farmer-focused research and advisors to add profitability to their farm. They do this by conducing unbiased agronomic research and delivering it to farmers.


In 2018 and 2019, filed trials were completed which compared Humika™  against four other side dress additives for their impact on yield and profitability.   Effective side dress additives should efficiently increase nutrient availability and nutrient utilization.

The Humika™ results are provided in the table below. To view the results of the other additives and the control visit the Beck's Website

Beck's Hybrids

Beck's Hybrids PFR study information

Comments from 2018/2019 PFR studies:

“Humika™ nutrient stabilizer has promising two year results.”  2019 Central Illinois study

“Seven tests over two years show the promise of Humika™.” 2019 Multi-location study

“The products tested in this study contain fertilizer, humic acid, carbon or a combination of both. Our multi-location testing showed little response with these fertilizer products. This could be because we already had sufficient levels of fertility at these PFR sites, so large yield responses would not be expected from the addition of extra fertility. However, the Humika™ product showed a positive yield increase and return on investment across all of these testing sites. Humika™ is a formulation of humic and fulvic acids as well as carbon sources. We suspect that this increased the availability of already present nutrient sources in the soil, resulting in greater yield and likely, greater fertilizer use efficiency.”  Eric Wilson, Field Agronomist, 2018 Multi-location study. 

Application Rate: 1L Humika™ per 80 gallon UAN 

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