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Unmatched Humic Performance

Low application rate Humic Acid with more than 1 million acres applied on farms like yours.

Product Benefits

Creates large nutrient-holding capacities in rhizophore

Stabilizes 28% UAN

Utilizes soil nutrients

Improved nutrient uptake in plants

Accelerates yield potential 

Improved drought tolerance of treated crop


Proven return on investment

About Humika

Humika™ is truly a uniquely manufactured humic acid. Few if any humic products in the marketplace today can boast of the flexibility and solubility of Humika™. To add to these great features Humika™ is also a L.A.R (Low Application Rate) Humic acid. What this simply means is more acres per tank and more acres per day. With an impressive C.E.C of 306, Humika is going to hold nutrients in place until the crop needs them, pending on the nutritional load requirement. Humika can hold most nutrients from leaching for more than sixty days. Any humic material in Humika that is not used to hold nutrients is readily used by the crop to grow, quickly converting the carbons to sugars. And if all these benefits weren’t enough, Humika also encourages the growth of beneficial fungi and microbes, which provides optimal growing conditions for a high-yield crop. 

Demo: 28% U.A.N Stabilized with Humika

Crop Application

500 ml per 40 gallon 28% UAN

500 ml per 5 gallons in furrow phos based starters

Approximate Cost: $6 per acre

Application Strategies

Planter placement icon
Planter Placement
Sprayer tip icon
Broadcast or banded
over seed zone
Side dress icon
Topdress or sidedress
Fertigation icon

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