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Product Benefits

Creates large nutrient holding capacities in rhizophore

Improved nutrient uptake in plants 

Improved drought tolerance of treated crop 

Proven return on investment

Improves nutrient solubility during early growing season

Crop Application

Starter rate: 1kg per 40 lbs dry fertilizer

Broadcast: 1Kg per 80 lbs dry fertilizer

About Gro-Maxx

Many growers looking for the benefits of Humika™ required a granular version.  We answered their needs in 2013 with Gro-Maxx™. This silica and Humika blend can be mixed with almost any dry non-nitrogen fertilizer. Gro-Maxx (original) has a moisture content of nearly twenty percent and is challenging to use if Gro-Maxx is blended the same day it is used. Gro-Maxx original is most suited for tree nurseries, tree transplanting and fertilizer blending facilities that can blend and store blended products for a few days. 
In late 2018 a new and improved version called Gro-Maxx 2.0™ progressed into an experimental stage. An attempt was made to make the Gro-Maxx original in a dry granule form. The 2.0 never reached production levels as the technology to granulate these difficult materials was impossible in 2018. As of the writing of this short article, another, more promising attempt is being made to granulate Gro-Maxx. Gro-Maxx XL is constituted the same as the original Gro-Maxx but has higher silica to Humika ratio. A small amount of dolomitic lime is added to give the pellet structure and weight.  

Application Strategies

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Planter Placement
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