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Why Alpha Agri and AgroLiquid is your liquid fertilizer choice for wheat

What does a crop of winter wheat need?
A 120-bushel crop of wheat (straw removed) needs about 225 lbs of nitrogen, 80 of phosphorus,180 of potassium, 30 of sulphur, 34 of Magnesium and a variety of micro-nutrients. Higher pH soils tie up many micro-nutrients like iron, copper, zinc, boron and manganese, adding these in a protected form in the fall at planting can help with tillering and winter survivability. AgroLiquid’s polymer protected fertilizers are ideal for helping prevent bonding to soil clays and releasing to match plant nutritional uptake. Combined with Alpha Agri's fully tested, unique humic and fulvic acid blend, Humika™, your wheat crop will be set to meet its full potential.

What would Alpha Agri suggest for a wheat program?

While all good fertility programs start with a recent soil test, we would generally recommend a liquid starter of 2-3 gallons of Pro-Germinator™, a liter of Micro 500™, 1/2 liter of Humika™ and adding in selected micros to meet crop needs. In the spring, an application of liquid nitrogen stabilized with soil and plant friendly Humika™, 2 gallons of accesS™(sulphur) and 1/2 liter of boron in either a single or split application will provide what is required to bring yields to the next level. To top it all off, consider a foliar application of Fertirain™ (specifically formulated as a foliar feed product) along with crop protection products to give your wheat a boost to maximize its potential.

Aren't all fertilizers basically the same?
No, just like all tractors are not the same. Two things need to be seriously considered when choosing a fertility program: salt index and availability. Salt index is basically how plant root friendly the fertilizer is. For example, since ammonium thiosulphate has a partial salt index of 7.5 while 28% has an index of 2.25 (A&L Labs), care needs to be taken to ensure some of these fertilizers aren't doing more damage than good. It is also possible to put the correct fertilizer in the correct place at the right time, but it is of little value to the crop. Many dry fertilizers need time, warm soil and moisture to release nutrients, time your wheat doesn't have. For example, elemental sulphur needs all summer to release most of its sulphur content which can work well for alfalfa but releases too late to benefit wheat. All of AgroLiquid’s products are very low salt, pharmaceutical grade and polymer protected to ensure maximum usage (85-90%) by plants throughout the growing season.

Do our programs actually work?
Absolutely! Extensive, ongoing research is carried out at AgroLiquid’s 930 acre research farm in central Michigan and at independent growers throughout Canada and the US. Alpha Agri’s Humika™ is CFIA-registered and many independent trials have repeatedly proved its

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