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Why Alpha Agri and AgroLiquid is your liquid fertilizer choice for corn

Is your corn actually using what you are applying?

All of AgroLiquid’s fertilizer products are flavonol polymer protected to ensure maximum usability for the plants while minimizing leaching loss and providing a consistent release to the plant throughout the growing season. As much as 85 90% of the nutrients provided can be utilized compared to our competition's liquid fertilizer at 35 40% and dry fertilizer at 15-20%.

What does a corn crop actually need?

According to A&L Labs, a 200-bushel corn crop removes 224 units of nitrogen, 70 of phosphorus, 50 of potassium, 30 of sulphur, 7 of Magnesium, and 6 other micronutrients. While many of these are in adequate supply in the soil, most are bonded to soil clay particles. As the soil pH rises to around 7 or higher (as is with most local farms), many of these micro-nutrients adhere to the clay and are rendered unavailable. With AgroLiquid’s flavonol polymer protection, nutrients are prevented from bonding to soil clay. As the carbon based polymers break down, roots access the nutrients before they are tied up. Combined with Alpha Agri’s fully tested, unique humic and fulvic acid blend, Humika™, your corn crop will be set to meet its full potential.

Are all fertilizers basically the same?

No, while many fertilizers seem very similar, there are actually some significant differences. The salt index varies considerably from one source to another, from very low to toxic. As an example, ammonium thiosulfate (12N, 26S) has a partial salt index (salt level compared to actual nutrients) of 7.53, while ammonium sulfate (21N, 24S) has a salt index of 3.25. AgroLiquid’s products have salt indexes which are typically 1/2 that of other liquid fertilizers.

What does that mean for your crops?

AgroLiquid products are safer to use in the root zone and less corrosive for your equipment. Also, AgroLiquid products are all pharmaceutical grade; they are not by-products of manufacturing.


What would a typical corn program look like?

All recommendations should start with a soil test. At Alpha Agri, we believe in applying only what is needed, so our rates may seem low. Starter needs are often 2-3 gallons of Pro-Germinator™ (9-24-3), one liter of Micro500™ (a blend of zinc, manganese, iron, copper and boron), 1/2 liter of Humika™ along with an additional 1/2 liter of boron. Throughout the season, our stabilized nitrogen has a 90 day N release, often resulting in a 30% reduction in N requirement compared to other N sources. We also carry products specifically designed to be foliar fed to growing crops while applying other crop protection products, an excellent way to boost yields.


Do AgroLiquid products actually work?

Most certainly, all of AgroLiquids fertilizers are extensively tested at their 930 acre test farm before being offered for sale. Many independent producers also conduct trials to confirm the same results on their own operations. Alpha Agri’s Humika™ is CFIA-registered and independent trials have repeatedly proved its benefits.

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