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How Alpha Agri and AgroLiquid can help improve your alfalfa

What does a crop of alfalfa need?

Good soil fertility is the base for a successful crop of alfalfa, yet even with that in place, care

needs to be given to maximize its yield and quality. Alfalfa needs 12 lbs of phosphorus, 50 lbs of potash, 11 lbs of sulphur, 38 lbs of calcium and a variety of micro-nutrients per tonne of alfalfa removed. While manure can replace a good part of this, supplementation is required to fully realize yield potential while maintaining soil fertility.

When and how should alfalfa be fertilized?

Early spring is the best time to feed your alfalfa crop. At this time of year, the soil is cool and wet; perfect for growing hay crops but not for nutrient supply. Soil biology in cool, wet soil is relatively slow and inactive and does not release enough nutrition for the high demands of the growing crop. An early foliar application of fertiRain®12-3-3 (a liquid product specifically designed for foliar application) along with some micro-nutrients has been proven to significantly increase both yield and quality. Along with the foliar application, we also recommend an application of potassium sulfate. This adds the required sulphur without the salts of potassium chloride. Applying urea at the same time will boost yields, especially if the grass is included. High, early spring soil moisture quickly absorbs the potassium and sulphur making it available early in the growing season. Applications later in the season fall on dryer ground and are not absorbed as easily. Early application gets the crop off to a strong start and adds all-season fertility. We also recommend an application of Humika at planting to help get your crops off to a strong start.

Aren't all fertilizers basically the same?
No. Salt index is one variation. For example, potassium chloride has more than twice the salt index of potassium sulphate. Alfalfa is moderately sensitive to salt so care needs to be taken to ensure that the products applied do not harm the crop. AgroLiquid’s fertilizers all have a very low salt index. 
AgroLiquid fertilizers are also highly available due to the polymer coatings which provide maximum nutrient benefit over time as your crops require. Using the right fertilizers, at the right time, and at the right rate, along with timely manure applications will provide healthy strong alfalfa crops that will provide strong nutritional yields for many years.

Do Alpha-Agri programs work?

Most certainly, all of AgroLiquid’s fertilizers are extensively tested at their 930 acre test farm before being offered for sale. Many independent producers also conduct trials to confirm the same results on their own operations. Alpha Agri’s Humika™ is CFIA-registered and independent trials have repeatedly proved its benefits.

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