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Humic substances, those containing carbon such as humic acids, are the primary organic compounds found in humus, the major organic fraction of soil. The addition of humic acids can be beneficial for soils and plants by doing two primary things; improve the soil’s holding capacity and help plant roots receive water and nutrients. Because of the high level of organic compounds found in organic matter, humic acids tend to work better on lower soil organic matters, or where increased water and nutrient holding capacity is desired.

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Beck's Hybrids PFR proven results for Humika


Humika™ is a natural carbon product made from liquefied humic shale. It contains high levels of humic and fulvic acids as well as many trace minerals.

Key Benefits: Improves N, P, and K uptake and metabolic efficiency, and accelerates soil microbiology

0-0-25 W/17S

Feast® Side-Kick® 0-0-25 w/17S is the highest-analysis potassium plus sulfur liquid fertilizer available that is designed and intended to fortify and supplement starter fertilizer and/or sidedress applications. Feast® Side-Kick may be soil-applied, foliar-applied, or applied as fertigation via drip, sprinkler, or flood irrigation.


Key Benefits: High-quality, readily available nutrients that are compatible with most other liquid fertilizers


Beck's Hybrids PFR proven results for Humika over 3 years

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