Humika™ is one of the best recognized humic acid brands in the market place today. First launched in 2001, it continues to be one of the most trusted liquid humic acids used by growers in Canada and the U.S.

Primary applications are in liquid starters and liquid nitrogen products. Through proprietary manufacturing technologies, Humika™ is the most soluble humic acid available.

Humika™ benefits include improvements in soil health, nutrient stability, nutrient efficiency, and increased yield



​Developed in 2002 as a bio-stimulant in horticulture, the use and versatility of Plant XL™ quickly spread to the agricultural sector. Plant XL™ contains humic acid blended with soil microbes designed to rejuvenate tired and contaminated soils. Growers generally apply  Plant XL™ in challenging or high saline soils where young plants have difficulty establishing roots. Plant XL™ is commonly applied with in-row liquid starter programs.


Many growers looking for the benefits of Humika™ required a non-liquid version.  We answered their needs in 2013 with Gro-Maxx™. This silica and Humika blend could be mixed with almost any dry fertilizer. In late 2018 a new and improved version called Gro-Maxx 2.0™ came to market. This new version is completely dry and can be used in air-seeders and mixes with all dry fertilizers.

With all the benefits of Humika™, Gro-Maxx™ provides flexibility to growers who use humic acid to grow more profitable crops.