Pro-Germinator® is used primarily for the application of phosphorus, but is partnered with nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients for maximum performance. Pro-Germinator®, through proprietary manufacturing technology, contains both ortho-phosphate and carbon-protected polymer phosphate to provide readily available and controlled-release phosphorus with minimal danger of tie-up in the soil.



Sure-K® is a clean, chloride- and hydroxide-free potassium solution.  It can be applied in combination with other crop production or protection products and presents a very low risk of crop injury. Sure-K® can be used in any cropping situation where potassium is needed. Sure-K®’s unique formula provides increased crop utilization, allowing lower total product application volume to produce the same results as other conventional potassium fertility products when applied at typical rates.

High NRG-N


High NRG-N® is used in all crops that require applied nitrogen to achieve top yields. In addition to nitrogen and sulfur, there are trace amounts of known chlorophyll-building secondary and micronutrients. High NRG-N® includes Flavonol Polymer Technology that protects the nitrogen and reduces losses from leaching and volatility. Not all of the nitrogen of plants-available nitrogen over extended priod of time. High NRG-N® may be used at lower volumes and produce quality and yields comparable to those crops grown with conventional nitrogen sources, in addition to providing increased profits from lower fuel and labor costs.




NResponse™ performs well on all crops. This premium nitrogen product provides more flexibility in application than other nitrogen fertilizers. Specifically formulated for effective foliar and soil applications, NResponse™ provides nitrogen to the crop in a form that will maximize the benefit. It contains the same dynamic forms of nitrogen found in other AgroLiquid Nitrogen Suite products. NResponse™ has proven, in situations where a quick nitrogen response is needed, to improve yields and quality, compared to conventional nitrogen sources.




eNhance® is a nutritional supplement that combines Flavonol Polymer Technology with the proper micronutrients and enzymes to produce greater nitrogen utilization. Using eNhance® as part of a nitrogen-management program may allow conventional nitrogen. solutions to be applied at reduced rates while still maintaining optimal yield potential. By working within the plant, eNhance® nutritionally fortifies the crop to use nitrogen more efficiently. In addition to reducing applied nitrogen rate, eNhance® is an excellent source of crop-available sulfur.




Kalibrate™ is a chloride- and hydroxide-free potassium solution that contains sulfur. It can be used in combination with Pro-Germinator® and other AgroLiquid products to provide a complete fertilizer program. Kalibrate™ is specially formulated to resist freezing and comes back into solution without heat or agitation even when freezing has occurred, making it well- suited for fall and early-season delivery in northern climates.



AccesS® is a proprietary high-sulfur intended for application anywhere five or more pounds of elemental sulfur is recommended. These enhanced efficiencies make AccesS® both environmentally and economically responsible.

S Calate


LiberateCa® is a premium calcium fertilizer intended to provide superior compatibility and flexibility for mixing and application. LiberateCa® is compatible with most AgroLiquid products, including Pro-Germinator®, Providing application flexibility and options not possible when using calcium products. In addition to compatibility with other AgroLiquid products, LiberateCa® generally has good compatibility with crop protection products, making it well-suited to use in foliar treatments as well as soil application.


Micro 500

Micro 500® is a combination of five essential micronutrients; zinc, manganese, iron, copper, and boron. Zinc, Maganese, iron, and copper are key components of chlorophyll production and are critical for photosynthesis. All of them are needed during the early development of the crop, with boron being needed most during pollination. The Flavonol Polymer Technology contained in Micro500® allows for improved uptake and assimilation by the crop.




FertiRain™ is a multi-nutrient formulation designed for foliar application that provides supplemental feeding as part of a nutrient program or for providing corrective feeding when nutrient deficiencies are observed. Readily available, dynamic plant nutrition is the essential foundation to effective utilization of nutrients. Single- source materials cannot provide this nutrient harmony. FertiRain™ contains multiple nutrients including primary, secondary, and micronutrients.